Casa Hogar
Nueva Esperanza  

Casa Hogar  is a home for girls who have been abandoned, neglected, or abused in some way. The home is located about 40 minutes by bus from the center of Arequipa, and houses between 25 and 40 girls from two to eighteen years old at any given time. The Peruvian authorities send girls to the home, but provide minimal funding; therefore the home relies heavily on donations and volunteers. The mission of Casa Hogar is to give the girls back the childhood of which they have been deprived. Volunteers can help CH achieve this goal by spending time with the girls, playing games, and helping with homework and domestic tasks. The girls are very warm and welcoming – working with them is an extremely rewarding experience!

Volunteer responsibilities include:

  • Homework help

  • Helping with domestic tasks as required

  • Clean and organize the library

  • Organizing activities and games for the girls

  • Helping to create a safe and stable environment

  • Joining field-trips (beach, museum, pool, etc.) during summer months

  • Volunteers are also welcome to get involved with mini-projects, including English language teaching and other skills training.


While we welcome all applications, please consider the following:

  • Due to the nature of the project, most of our volunteers are female. We do consider male volunteers in some cases.

  • Volunteers should have a good understanding of Spanish (intermediate level) at the time of volunteering, as the girls do not speak English. Volunteers Peru can arrange classes online or in-person for those interested.

  • We encourage that those applying for this role dedicate a minimum of 2 weeks.

  • The home is run by a Christian church - volunteers do not need to share the beliefs of the staff, but should respect their values.


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