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9+ Year Experience



Our Story

Our organization was the initiative of Maria Bellido, whose goal has always been supporting and improving the lives of children who are affected by social problems, such as alcoholism, low educational quality, lack of interest from public officials in the remote areas of our country and the violation of children’s rights. 

This is why on March 25, 2013 the organization Volunteers Peru was born. It was officially constituted on September 29, 2014, the date we were able to start working under Peruvian law.

The organization is constantly improving with our previous experiences and taking firm steps to achieve the most effective change with the projects we undertake.



We help with the education of vulnerable children and young people. We do this by fostering a personal and educational relationship between them and our international volunteers.


Our vision is that all children and young people have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and enrich their lives through their relationships with people from different cultures in a process of mutual enrichment.


Get to know the volunteers Perú staff


Lic. María Bellido (Marita)

Founder and President

Marita is originally from the small town of Tomepampa in the Cotahuasi Canyon, a rural area in the northeast of the Arequipa region.  As a former student of Honofre Benavides School in Tomepampa, she became aware of the children’s need for additional educational support and broadening of their cultural awareness. She realized that foreign volunteers could bring a new perspective to the classroom and provide students with cross-cultural exposure and experiences. Volunteers Peru was born to implement such ideas, and Marita and our organization have realized her dream of giving back to our community over the last eight years.


Lic.Sofia Ramirez

Volunteer Coordinator

She has lived there his entire life and knows the city, the community and its social problems very well.

She studied tourism at the University . She worked in the private sector, managing lodgings, travel agencies, and the public area as a tourist manager. This experience allowed she to know different social realities. She very friendly, empathetic and attentive; she likes to meet new people and make new friends.

Jose manuel.jpg

Dr. José Manuel Reyes


He advises and makes us notice our strengths and weaknesses. He has coordinated projects in Arequipa and Tomepampa in the past. 



With the work and donations of our volunteers we were able to carry out different projects:


Annual Reports

2014 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

Fondo oscuro


Welcome to Volunteers Peru!

Check out this video to meet our founder and learn more about the children we support.

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