Join Volunteers Peru by dedicating your time and energy to one of our existing programs!

You can volunteer or have an internship with us in Arequipa or Tomepampa. You decide when and for how long you want to volunteer. There are no starting dates or minimum stay, although we encourage volunteers to stay a minimum of two weeks to achieve a more fulfilling experience.

There are two ways you can collaborate with our organization: 
a. Volunteering: A minimum stay of 2 weeks is required.
b. Internship: a minimum stay of 7 weeks is required.

Volunteers Peru and the organizations we support do not have the funds to be able to offer volunteers or interns a salary, however, we offer the following intangible benefits that surpass any material gains:

1. The opportunity to put your academic knowledge into practice and learn more about your specialty.

2. To develop your professional experience by being able to acquire practical knowledge and get acquainted with the daily routine of your profession.

3. The opportunity to work with experienced professionals from a different part of the world, learning from them and exchanging ideas and experiences with them, enriching you personally and professionally.

4. It will also allow you to practice your Spanish in a real working environment – something that no class can offer.

5. Support and follow-up by the entire Paz Perú and Volunteers Perú teams.

6. To participate in building a better and fairer world. Your help will offer hope and encouragement for children, youth, and adults who struggle hard every day to succeed and break the cycle of abuse and poverty in which they have lived for generations.

7. To meet and develop close friendships with people from different countries with whom, from now on, you will be connected by the indelible experience of having worked together to build a better future. The relationships that our volunteers develop during their stay become deep bonds of friendship that last a lifetime.

Below you'll find helpful information about what to expect from your volunteer experience and hear what our other volunteers have to say. When you're ready, you can find our application form below!


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