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Tomepampa is a small village located about 9 hours by bus from Arequipa. Nestled in the depths of the Cotahuasi Canyon, it is rarely visited by Peruvians or tourists, but is surrounded by incredible natural beauty. While there is cellular service, wifi is sparse, and the town is quiet and peaceful after sundown. 

From January to early March, Tomepampa is relatively quiet, as many families leave during the rainy season. The rest of the year, however, the village is vibrant and buzzing. It is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally in Tomepampa, and there are thousands of hiking, biking, rafting, and outdoor adventure options. 




Casa Primavera - Housing in Tomepampa

Volunteers at Colegio Honofre Benavides will live at Casa Primavera, a hostel in Tomepampa. Casa Primavera has cozy rooms and a rose garden in the central courtyard with a beautiful view of the canyon.

At Casa Primavera volunteers will have access to private rooms and bathrooms and a shared kitchen. The school is right down the road from the hostel, as well, only a three minute walk away. 



Though Tomepampa is beautifully rural and removed, the town of Cotahuasi is just a short 20-minute bus ride away. In Cotahuasi, volunteers can access more modern amenities like internet cafes and laundromats.


Sweeter than honey (Bees)

Right down the road from Casa Primavera there is a small apiary owned by Marita's--Volunteers Peru founder--brother. During your stay in Tomepampa, take an afternoon to learn about bees, and maybe even try some fresh-off-the-comb honey. 

La celebración de un apicultor de nido de abeja


Tomepampa is an adventurer's dreamland: take an afternoon hike up the canyon for a view of the town, or take a weekend excursion to hike or check out the nearby waterfalls.

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