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Assistance to at-risk population Program


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Paz Perú is a non-governmental association that works for the welfare of the community, executing projects that contribute to the education, development and care of children, women, youth and the elderly. The main center is located 40 minutes by local bus from the center of Arequipa, where different areas and projects are located such as shelters (CAR) which have the support of a full staff in the areas of psychology, social work, medical and more, within these are also the educational areas (Initial, primary and alternative) as well as the generation of technical careers such as carpentry, cosmetology, gastronomy and more. 
The organization's mission is to achieve the sustainability of social works aimed at the population at risk and vulnerable through numerous social projects, so they have a multidisciplinary team and strategic allies who believe that it is possible to improve the quality of life of people.

Volunteers can choose among different areas of work according to their interests:


Assist in the residential care center in daily tasks, such as assisting children with disabilities in their recreation and in whatever is necessary. 


Assist the tutors of the technical education centers in the areas of bakery, cosmetology, cooking, pastry, computer, textile industry, bio-gardens. 


Helping to create a safe and stable environment in the organization and provide the necessary support in the different areas of Paz Perú.


Organize and maintain workshops, lectures, play activities, handicrafts and psychomotor strengthening. 


Participate in social campaigns throughout the year and in outdoor activities for the sheltered population. 

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