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Assistance to at-risk children program


New Hope is a Home for children and teens who have been neglected, abused or abandoned. The house is located about 50 minutes by bus from the center of Arequipa. This Home houses five apartments in two different buildings. Children and teenagers are housed in each apartment according to age groups. The Peruvian authorities send the children to New Hope, but do not provide funding; therefore, the house relies heavily on donations from a US Christian community and the help of volunteers. The Home’s mission is to restore and nurture children’s lives and support the normal development of which they were deprived. Volunteers contribute to achieving this goal by spending time with the children, playing games and helping with day-to-day activities. The children are very warm and affectionate and working with them is, without a doubt, a very rewarding experience. 


Volunteer responsibilities may include some of the following:


Help with homework. 


Organize activities and games for children 


Join excursions (beach, museum, pool, etc.) during the summer months 


Help with housework as needed. 


Help create a safe and stable environment 


Volunteers are also welcome to participate in mini-projects, including teaching the English language and other skills. 


While we welcome all applications, please consider the following:

Volunteers should have a good understanding of Spanish (intermediate level) preferably to facilitate communication with the children. Volunteers Peru can arrange online classes for those interested. 

We encourage volunteers interested in this program to work for at least 2 weeks.


The home is Christian oriented. Volunteers do not need to share the founders’s beliefs but must respect their values at all times. 

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